Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

In order to call a character an anti-hero I go through this thought process in my head: “They are horrible but also badass and even though I’d never do what they are doing, I get where they are coming from”. Which is why I hesitate calling Ani, the protagonist of this book, an anti-hero. I completely understand why she is the way she is and to be honest, I think everyone, even the strongest person in the world, would turn out just like her if they went through the same things as she did.

And trust me, horrible things happen to her. When you take into consideration that the author was inspired to write this book by real events that happened to her, it’s no wonder that this book packs such a strong punch. I was literally shaking from rage when I read some of the things that happened to Ani. Not only the event itself is extremely traumatic, but the reactions she gets from people afterwards are horrible too.

I really liked how Ani’s really shallow and narcissistic mother affected her future. Ani has found a way to cope with her trauma by focusing on achieving success, but I think it’s interesting how she’s basically trying to fulfill her mother’s idea of what success is.

Another observation: I think some of the negative reviews just further prove that we do live in a slut-shaming and victim-blaming society. Now I don’t want to start unnecessary drama and there are many people who didn’t like the book for the way it was written or other acceptable reasons. After all everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  Nonetheless, I am shocked by how many people were appalled not by the two big traumas in Ani’s and the people who caused them, by her very unsupportive fiancé (who I really despised btw) or all of the incompetent adults in her life. No, instead they were shocked by how bitchy or shallow Ani was. Seriously?

Oh and one last thing. This is nothing like Gone Girl, no matter how hard publishers try to convince us otherwise. But it’s a great book and even if you don’t enjoy it, it’s still a good idea to give it a read and re-think what you assume you know about the subject matter it deals with.