A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin

Whew, finally! I feel as if I achieved something important by finishing this book. This is probably how Daenerys felt when her dragons hatched.

Okay so maybe I am exaggerating, but this series does require serious commitment. And after reading A Game of Thrones two or three years ago and liking it, but not quite loving it, I had decided that I lacked that level of commitment. But somehow a few weeks ago I changed my mind and now here I am.

What changed my mind were Cersei and Sansa. I hated them when I read the first book. But afterwards, since I didn’t really care about spoilers, I heard some things about their character development that got me interested again. I thought about it for a bit and I realized that I’ve changed since I read the first book and that my opinions had changed too. And just like that I was fangirling over Sansa even before I started A Clash of Kings.

The main thing that may put off some readers is that the buildup is so slooooooooow. Extremely slow. And the buildup takes like ¾ of the book. So is it worth it? Well after that, once the action starts picking up, things get crazy and violent and murder-y and shocking and unexpected and everything you wished for. So my verdict is: It’s worth it. It really is. It gave answers for some questions and raised some new questions. I am really intrigued. And this time I probably won’t wait two years to pick up the next book in the series.