Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons by Vera Nazarian

Yeah, yeah, it’s another book with the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies concept. But unlike PPZ, which I dropped after a few chapters, I had a great time reading Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons. It definitely follows the same pattern, but it had something that just hooked me, unlike PPZ. Maybe it’s the fact that Northanger Abbey is the first Austen book I’ve read so it’s always been my favorite.

It follows the plot of Northanger Abbey really closely, but there’s a twist. Catherine can hear and see the guardian angels that every person has. Pair that with a couple of evil supernatural beings and dragons and what you get is a seriously funny book. The guardian angels who give advice to Catherine are hilarious. They sound more like Catherine’s nice, but overbearing aunts, than actual angels.

The author nails Austen’s style and sometimes it took me a while to understand that the silly paragraph I was reading was not actually written by Jane Austen. I loved the footnotes which can be found every time certain words which have a different meaning nowadays are used. The author sometimes warns us that the meaning is not the same and at other times acts shocked by what the words’ modern meanings imply.

This was an easy and fun book, great for fans of Jane Austen who are looking for a light read.


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