“Hello World”

Ummm.. Hi mom. You are one of the two people who knows about this blog and you don’t even know English that well so I have no idea why I am writing this. Since no one knows about this blog, and no one will, most probably, I kinda feel like I am shouting into empty space right now. Or am I just shouting to myself? No idea.

Anyways, I wanted to talk about the reasons why I am making a book review blog. It’s because I seriously love books more than anything else in my life right now. They are the only thing that makes sense. And sometimes it seems that reading is the only thing I am good at. So yeah, reviewing is a natural step forward, even though I think I suck at it. Oh well, we’ll see.

I am reading “The History of Love” by Nicole Krauss right now. So far I really like it. I remember getting it a few months ago and forgetting all about it so I kinda picked it at random yesterday, but it’s really really good. More about it when I finish it.

Okay, that’s it.